Fast Rising Fashion Designer Yvonne Yvette Assists Girl Child


BOUYED by her phenomenal success in the fashion industry on the international stage, United Kingdom-based fashion designer and girl-child advocate, Yvonne Gambe, who is popularly known as Yvonne Yvette, has been busy fundraising for poverty-stricken young girls in her home country.

The designer, whose label is called Yvonne Yvette (YY), told Zim Community News yesterday that yesterday she donated sewing machines and accessories to the girl-child in Murewa accompanied by the Ekenia Chifamba-led girl-child empowerment organisation Shamwari YeMwanasikana.

“The aim was to raise awareness about period-poverty facing the girls in the rural areas…so I am here to do the handover to Ekenia and her team.

“We donated five sewing machines, at least 100 metres of fabrics, sewing accessories for girls to make their own re-usable pads as well as making enough pads to sell and make money with the project.

“We also donated six bags of pigfeed to Shamwari YeMwanasikana as they have a piggery project they are running at the centre.”

The designer, whose label is called Yvonne Yvette(YY), added that as a fashion designer, she was also looking to bring her brand back home.

“The marvellous results of my work come from the pride I have of my life experiences, from growing up in the humble yet fashionable streets of Africa to living in bustling and trendy Europe in my adult life.

She said such exposure had allowed her to make a double impact on the fashion scene by innovatively fusing African print fabrics with fabrics from other parts of the world to create world class designs.

“However, my work is not limited to that, I also use a broad array of other approaches to designing such as those seen in my diverse 2017 Bow Collection.”

Although very young, the YY African-inspired brand has made a huge impact in a number of communities, with several of its designs, created between 2014 and now, having been worn by many happy clients and models of various ages across the world and yet all-inclusive brands of this current generation.

This includes formal wear, casual wear and even swimwear.

“The value of my brand lies in the attention I pay to the details of the client’s needs and the thorough work that I undertake in tailoring their bespoke clothing. Furthermore, the Yvonne Yvette brand is highly trusted on both delivery and quality.

Fashion has always been a part of her life as her father worked in a clothing retail shop while her mother subsidised her family’s income through her sewing business.

Before launching her brand, she attained a BA Honours degree in Accounting and Information Systems.

Following the successful launch of the YY brand, she resigned from her job at a major Swedish Bank, in early 2017 and has never looked back ever since.
Source:ZC News


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