Danielle Steel Shares Isolation Experience by Francisca Ogar


Best selling author Danielle Steel has shared her isolation experience in the ongoing pandemic.

The Author who shared her feelings in a Facebook post called on everyone to hang in there.

“I have not left my apartment in 7 weeks. I have not jogged, gone for walks, been in the fresh air, seen my loved ones, family or friends, I’m isolated and alone far from home. I’m working and finding it incredibly difficult. Sometimes I’m scared, sometimes I’m okay. After I watch the news, I’m anxious for days. I wake up in the night and don’t sleep much. I talk to my kids a lot. I’m worried much of the time about my kids. I pray. I walk in the house and try to keep busy, I cry easily and am not a crier usually. And it means the world to me when I hear from someone I love. This is HARD, for everyone, and for some people more than others, depending on the circumstances they are confined in. I’m comfortable, I have food, I can’t complain, but no matter where you are, this is tough, and it is stretching out with no idea for anyone when it will end. So, Friends, we’re in the hard part now. The lonely part. The endurance part. The part where you think you’ve run as hard and as far as you can, and you find out that you have to run twice as far as you thought, over rough terrain, with obstacles that look insurmountable. But there’s no turning back now. We can’t give up. We just have to keep going. And we WILL get to the finish line!!! Each one of us is tougher than we thought we were. We will prevail and the crisis WILL end!!! And we’re saving lives and stopping the contagion while we stay confined. A REALLY worthwhile cause!!


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