Labour Party’ s VP : Supporters Switch To Tanko Yunusa


There are clear indications that the Labour Party Candidate and the former Governor of Anambra State Mr Peter Obi may have shifted attention to the National Conscience Party, (NCP) Chairman and spokes person for the Third Force, Dr Yunusa Tanko.

The move according to a source close to the party was informed by the deadlock in talks between Obi’s camp and that of Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, a former Governor of Kano State.

Our source further revealed that majority of Obi’s supporters have become impatient over the unending talks with Kwankwaso and have shifted interest to Dr Tanko who they believe would be a good bridge between the youths and the old block.

He observed that, “Tanko who is about fifty years old and much younger than Kwankwaso will appeal to the youths who are driving the power shift more than someone who is over sixty years old.

“It is Obi who is the rallying point here and not Kwankwaso so why the bluffing. We can no longer beg him. Let us see how far he can go without Peter Obi”.

The group rooting for Tanko as the running mate to Obi, our source further added was of the opinion that the NCP man had been more consistent and stable in ideology than Kwankwaso who had been jumping from one political party to another before finally ending up with New Nigeran Party, (NNP).

The source who expressed optimism about the final emergence of the NCP Chiltern further added that, “the good thing is that Dr Tanko is from Kano like Kwankwaso so his choice will be a good substitute to him, (Kwankwaso).

Similiarly social media influencer and a popular public comentator, Mr Majeed Dahiru has lended his voice to the push for Dr Yunusa Tanko to run with Peter Obi in place of Kwankwaso for the 2023 presidential election.

Speaking on African Independent Television, (AIT) prime morning programme, Kakaaki, he opined that people are canvassing for Peter Obi candidacy and not for the running mate.

Dahiru further stressed that with the sudden rise in the profile of Labour Party in less than two months after Peter Obi became the candidate was a proof that with or without Kwankwaso his popularity would not diminish.

He noted that what was happening currently could be basically termed a revolution that would usher in a new order in the country ‘s political land scape that would shock many.


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