Women will be given equal opportunities as their male counterparts, says Amaechi.


Abuja – Leading Presidential Aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Rt Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi has said that if elected as the Nigerian President comes 2023, women will be given equal opportunities as men in his administration.
 According to the statement signed by RT Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi Media Office made available to Peionews, Amaechi stated this during his consultation visit to Benue, Gombe, and Katsina State.
 He said he doesn’t believe in the 35 percent affirmative action for women in politics because women are more competent and intelligent than men.
Amaechi, however, said that women delegates should get ready to vote him into power after he gets the party ticket. They should be rest assured that his administration would give women equal rights.
 “When we win, women will have equal opportunities as the men; there will not be 35 percent affirmative action for women. No, you are more intelligent than the men. Ask parents; if you have a boy and a girl, the girl develops faster than the boy and is more intelligent; eventually, the boy becomes the Oga of the house by tradition, not because he is more brilliant.
“Amina Mohammed was not selected because she was a woman; she earned it. Women are more qualified than men; whether you believe it or not, in our government, we will include women; just go and vote.
“We will give you opportunities like every other person in Nigeria to serve the country because you are equally qualified. So, there will be equal opportunities for both genders.”
 Speaking to the youths, he said that he became a Speaker at the age of 34yrs, stating that youths should join a party and be more active at the party level.
“I became a Speaker at the age of 34yrs, then there was no “Not too Young to Run Bill,” and I was given the opportunity, if youths are more committed at the party level, they will get more opportunities to serve,” he said.
 Various NGO and women groups had protested over denying women 35 percent affirmative action in party administration, leadership, and specific seats for women in the National Assembly.


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