Fathers Day Special: Dilemma of a Passive Father by Francisca Ogar


Much as every one that fathers a child expects to be celebrated today, it is only expedient that we analyze how to earn encomiums today.

Some kids spend the greater part of their childhood in awe of their more fortunate peers; the ones with fathers who pick and or drop them in school,attend parent teachers meeting,turn up for school performances and give their children shoulder rides

Their own fathers are too preoccupied with career, business, friend and sometimes the other woman to spare them a thought.

Some fathers are their children’s worst nightmare as they take their frustration out on them by yelling and name calling. They put their kids down at every little mistake and reduce their self worth to rubbles.

Little wonder on a fathers day like this, their conscience tells them how undeserving they are and makes them try to downplay the beauty of such a day set aside to honor the true heroes.

It is more about time, attention and affection too than money, that is why today some very poor fathers will get the very best gifts while some rich dads will look on with regret.

Happy fathers day to every man who went beyond passive parenting to actually tend and nurture their children.you are the real MVPs.


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