Covid-19: An Individual Experience by Francisca Ogar


Few things can bring a person to his knees like being stripped of freewill. Ask the prisoners what they miss most and they will tell you that it is the ability to go and come as they please. Nobody would have imagined that a time will come when people would be holed up in their house, not because they are I’ll but because of the fear of getting I’ll. Over the past few days, I must have seen at least a dozen varieties of sanitisers and face masks.Even those who ordinarily couldn’t care less about hygiene have been forced to become meticulous overnight, thanks to the Coronavirus. It however has opened my eyes to a lot of things. It has demystified the world giants and brought them to their knees. I would never have imagined the panic that has been seen in the western world could happen. As an individual though, the reality that so much depends on my actions and inactions is a heavy weight. For each unnecessary social gathering I attend at least 5000 persons will be put at risk. A case in point is South Koreas Patient 31. A little soap and running water that I decide to use for just twenty minutes could protect my family friends and colleagues from contracting the dreaded Coronavirus. The realization that the fact that I am not a habitual alcohol consumer or a smoker could help my cause in the eventuality that the virus does come near me is a welcome relief. The joy of knowing that my choice of fresh fruits and vegetables over junk and over processed food will make a huge difference in my body’s immunity and ability to fight and withstand the disease is cheering news. Choices, will ultimately save the day for individuals. The simple choice to stay at home could be a life saver. The individual, me ,myself and I can be a force to reckon with in the fight against Coronavirus.


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